• Integrated Ordering and Pre-Op History Modules
  • Inbuilt clinical decision support rules for orders
  • Risk factor identification
  • Acknowledgement / e-signature onto documents
  • Simple user friendly screens for physician offices and Patients
  • HIPAA compliant Secure messaging
  • Tracking physicians surgery schedule on mobile app
  • Anesthesia Risk Stratification
  • Interoperable with other EHR and patient management applications.
  • Portable- clinical data available to patients whenever and wherever needed on any device
  • ASC Connect is a HIPAA compliant cloud based solution connecting physicians and patients seamlessly to the surgery center. Physician offices can submit orders while patients can enter their clinical data and medical history through a secure portal.
    An integrated messaging platform fosters accuracy and accountability in the process.

    Problems at Hand

    Ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) represent lean operational models in the healthcare delivery setting, but inefficiencies in the ASC delivery system still exist. Traditionally, ASCs utilize faxed forms to schedule surgeries for patients. Often several follow-up phone calls are needed between the referring physician’s office, the surgery center, the insurance company, and the patient to gather all the required information to schedule surgery. Depending on the volume of surgeries conducted at the ASC, instances of failed faxes and missed phone calls result in loss of patient data on a surgery order. Frustrations for surgery center staff/management can include:


    ASC CONNECT is founded on the concept comprehensive data available to all can positively impact the quality and efficiency of our healthcare system. Lack of information may result in patient harm. Each year, thousands of procedures are delayed, cancelled, or begin postpone due to absence of appropriate clinical data availability needed for care. Data flow is initiated through surgery orders from physician’s offices. Accurate information promotes safety, creates clarity, drives efficiency and reduces errors throughout the care process.

    Online Surgical Booking

    Surgical booking requests that are normally faxed or phoned in are easily submitted online using our secure application. This dramatically enhances the efficiency of office staff responsible for surgical booking, and the ease with which a physician’s office staff can schedule cases. Surgical booking requests are more legible, complete, accurate and convenient than those made through traditional booking methods. Status can be updated instantaneously.

    Customizable - Order Form

    Surgical booking requests are customizable for the physicians’ offices that book their cases with your surgery center. When a surgical office scheduler signs in, the scheduler automatically sees a list of the physicians in the office and the procedures they commonly perform. Scheduler selects the physician and procedure, and then enters the patient information. The scheduling staff also have the ability to upload any corresponding documentation like labs, authorization letters, etc.. Patient demographics entered once will be saved for future orders. The scheduler then submits the booking request. The application shows the exact details of the booking, including a date and time stamp. Inbuilt messaging platform enables physician’s office staff to communicate with surgery center staff related specific order witch eliminate time consuming phone calls.. .

    The surgical booking request then appears online for your facility’s surgical booking office staff, than confirm or modify the booking. Information and automatically sends a confirmation back to the surgical office scheduler. Order forms can be customized according to surgery center standards.

    Secure Messaging platform

    Send and receive secure instant messages and attachments with real time alerts to streamline communication, accelerate workflows and enhance surgery team collaboration. No more waiting on the phone or playing phone tags between physician office and surgery center. All messages are stamped with date time and user details for accountability.


    Preanesthesia evaluation involves analysis of information from multiple sources - patient’s interview, medical records from medical tests reports.

    1. Identification of a disorder that may affect preoperative care;

    2. Assessment of an already known condition,

    3. Formulation of individualized peri-operative anesthetic care plan.

    Anesthesia Risk Stratification

    The American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA) physical status classification system was developed to offer clinicians a simple categorization of a patient’s physiological status that can be helpful in predicting operative risk.

    The latest version of the American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA) physical status classification system (ASAPS)


    Reduced Medical errors and streamlined surgical bookings

    Traditionally, ASCs utilize faxed forms to schedule surgeries for patients. Often several follow-up phone calls are needed between the referring physician’s office, the surgery center, the insurance company, and the patient to gather all the required information to schedule surgery. Depending on the volume of surgeries conducted at the ASC,

    Optimize resource utilization

    Most of the staff time is wasted on traditional phone conversations between surgery center staff and physician’s office, ASC-CONNECT integrated secure messaging platform offers the ability for secure, two-way communication related to specific orders between the physicians’ offices and the surgery center. Communications are logged, categorized, and appended to orders, ensuring accountability and thorough documentation.

    Streamlined pre-admission process

    Your nursing staff can easily review and verify the protected health information (PHI) submitted by the patient through secured portal. Simplify the pre-admission assessment. Nursing staff can quickly add additional required data or documents to the patient’s PHI and sign electronically and save the changes.

    Customizable preoperative medical questionnaire

    Our preoperative PHI questionnaire is customizable based on surgery center needs, and also comes with a FDA medications database for patients to enter their medication list by searching rather than manually typing entire list.

    Enhanced patient satisfaction

    The product offers a patient portal, allowing a secure method for patients to enter their protected health information (PHI) from the comfort of their homes, where they can access their medical records and medication lists. This value-added component reduces the amount of time patients spend in the facility prior to surgery, leading to improved patient satisfaction. This also results in decreased time spent by perioperative staff for patient processing, which reduces cost of care.

    Efficient patient throughput

    With traditional fax forms for orders results in patient data not being readily available at the point of care, thereby directly impacting patient care. According to the Joint Commission (JCAHO) Sentinel Event database, “…over 65% of reported medical errors have breakdown in communication as the root cause. Therefore, we believe that efforts to prevent medical errors should start by providing a medium that enables richer communication”.